IMBA is the International, Innovative, and Impact MBA Program. IMBA focuses specifically on giving the tools to students to be CHANGE MAKERS, in their existing company, family business, new venture, community or their country.
A Change Maker is a new kind of entrepreneur, with some very special characteristics, which set him or her apart. Change Makers don’t only start companies. They work in existing companies, too. And the government. And universities. And non-profit organizations. And yes, they may also start companies, in order to fulfill their dreams.

A Change Maker looks for opportunities that are bigger, to be a leader in the region, or ultimately, even on the Global Stage.
IMBA’s Change Makers seek opportunities from technology, new business models, or other innovations, which change the way business is run.
The ultimate goal for someone seeking a Big Opportunity is Impact: doing something good for Society, the Environment, or building some other form of sustainable business.

What makes IMBA different from other programs?
  • Our program looks like a “T”.
    1) The top part of the T is the first year, where we have students learn a range of business skills and seek ideas which lead to International-Innovative-high Impact opportunities.
    2) The vertical part of the T represents most of the second year, where students develop ideas into opportunities, find customers, and come up with a workable business plan that they must defend in front of an investment committee.

  • Focus on changing entrepreneurship in Thailand by getting students to think bigger.
  • Focus on action: students are forced to interact with the marketplace, customers, suppliers, and big companies, all to build confidence and motivation.

Where will students go for their business trip? When is that?
The standard business trip is to Silicon Valley, the world’s hotbed of entrepreneurship and innovation on the second semester of the first year. If there is a minimum of 10 students interested in a particular country, we will set up a substitute trip for those students, with one of our partner institutions.

IMBA has links with many institutes. What does this mean?
  • Every link is an opportunity, but not every link offers the same opportunities:
    - To study on exchange.
    - To co-host a business plan competition.
    - To learn from instructors from that linked institution.
    - To go to a seminar or special program at that institution.

How much does it cost?
The tuition of the IMBA Program is approximately THB 490,000 for Thai citizens, and THB 570,000 for non-Thais, which includes course fees, textbooks, computer services, and the Orientation and Pre-Course program. The Innovation Deep Dive, a required study trip, is not included in the tuition and costs approximately THB 200,000.